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Why hydroponics?

Having touched upon this future of agriculture, we are all set to take your doubts blog after blog.

One most common question that comes up in an inquisitive mind is "Sab toh badiya hai,ye hydroponics kyun?"(everything is working just fine, then why hydroponics?)

Here is our list of top 10 reasons why hydroponics is better:

  1. Hydroponics provides faster results: It as a technique is 30-50% faster than soil farming.

  2. Hydroponics is space-saving: ~ 70% less land is required for hydroponics farming.

  3. Hydroponics is water-saving: ~ 80% less land is required for hydroponics farming.

  4. Hydroponics gives better yield: Food growers see 2x-4x increase in yield with Hydroponics.

  5. Hydroponics brings out the Maximum genetic potential in seeds: With 24/7 supply of optimum nutrition, light and water, Hydroponics brings the best in the seeds.

  6. No Digging or weeding required: Hydroponics saves efforts as no weeding or digging is required.

  7. Locally grown vegetables and fruits with Hydroponics: Since one can grow any crop anywhere with hydroponics, it makes us self sufficient.

  8. Chemical residue-free: In hydroponics, Integrated Pest Management is used and hence there is no excess or harmful chemical used which can later leach onto the produce.

  9. Say hello to year-round production: With hydroponics, growers can maintain a conducive environment for crop growth across all seasons.

  10. Consistent Quality: Hydroponics involves uniform supply of nutrients and water to maintain consistency in yield quality.


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