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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the other name for sustainability.

It is the practice that replaces soil with nutrient water. Simply speaking, it is the form of growing food where, instead of soil, we use other inert mediums like clay pellets, coir etc. to provide calculated nutrition to the plants. This results in nutrients being evenly spread to every plant under the same area.

Hydroponics farming is predominantly a protected form of agriculture often performed in a greenhouse. This keeps a hydroponics grower at an upper hand over the sudden climate changes like precipitation etc.

Now we said in the beginning, Hydroponics is the other name for sustainable agriculture. This comes because hydroponics farm has higher yield with less use of land, water and energy as compared to traditional ways of farming.

Hope we have intrigued you in the subject matter! Stay tuned for more details on the future of agriculture- HYDROPONICS!


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