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hydroponic tomato in hand in a hydroponics farm

Our Story

Poddar Farms, conceived as a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, is devoted to empowering individuals to make mindful choices in their daily lives. Our journey begins with the understanding that change starts at home—a focus that has been unwavering since our inception.

From cultivating residue-free hydroponically grown vegetables and exotic herbs to offering healthy gourmet selections like dehydrated herbs, leaf powders, wood-pressed oils, organic spices, and nutrition-rich edible seeds and nuts, our mission is clear—to inspire and guide people towards embracing healthy eating habits. 

Recognising shifting consumption patterns, especially among the youth, Poddar Farms set its sights on bringing a transformative change. This led to a strategic focus on healthy snacking, employing innovative methods like roasting and flavouring seeds and nuts and introduction of baked cereal mixtures. After meticulous research into the essentials of Indian kitchens, we unveiled our Wood Pressed Oils. The journey continued with a commitment to revolutionising a staple in Indian households—Turmeric. Cultivating and processing turmeric organically exposed market adulteration, fuelling our resolve for change.

Beyond our product offerings, Poddar Farms is committed to creating awareness about healthy lifestyles, reaching not only tier-1 cities but also small towns. Through education and advocacy, we aim to reintroduce the essence of rich Indian heritage, fostering a collective return to a healthier way of living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to replace the pesticides in diets with nutritious and fresh crops. We are on a mission to make individuals self-sufficient to grow their own food and indulge in mindful and healthy eating habits.

hydroponics farmer hand wishing luck

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the burden on natural resources by optimising their usage through our scientific farming setup and creating a self-sustained model of feeding mankind with healthy and fresh farm produce.

hydroponic farmer holding lettuce growing in NFT system

Our Founder

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