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Key Features:


  1. Premium Coconuts: Sourced directly from traditional Indian farmers, our high-quality coconuts are sun-dried for days to enhance their taste and aroma.
  2. Traditional Cold Pressing: We employ cold-press technology in wooden Kolhus at room temperature, preserving the natural nutrients for a wholesome experience.
  3. Nutrient-Rich Composition: Our coconut oil retains essential nutrients, including capric, caprylic, and lauric acids, providing a natural energy boost and supporting overall health.
  4. Unfiltered Purity: After pressing, the oil undergoes a natural sedimentation process for 2-3 days, ensuring unfiltered purity. It is then meticulously sieved for a pristine final product.
  5. Versatile Use: With a high smoke point, our coconut oil is perfect for sautéing, deep frying, and various culinary applications. It is also an excellent choice for skincare, haircare, massage, and Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling.
  6. Secure Packaging: Packaged in high-quality food-grade plastic bottles with a cork cap, our coconut oil guarantees spill-proof protection, preserving its freshness.

Storage Guidelines: Store in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed to maintain optimal freshness.


Wood Pressed Coconut Oil | 500ml

₹380.00 Regular Price
₹280.00Sale Price
Taxes Included |
  • Vegetarian

  • Wood Pressed (Lakdi Ghani) Technology

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