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Key Features:

  1. Certified Natural Goodness: Poddar Farms Pumpkin Seeds are natural and unroasted, preserving their authentic taste and nutritional benefits. Certified for quality assurance.
  2. Nutrient-Rich Powerhouse: Loaded with essential nutrients like calcium, fibers, proteins, essential fatty acids, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, these seeds make a wholesome addition to your diet.
  3. Immunity Boosting Antioxidants: Experience the benefits of antioxidants, supporting a robust immune system and overall health.
  4. Weight Management and Digestive Health: The seeds' density satisfies cravings and aids in weight management, while the high fiber content promotes healthy digestion.
  5. Bone and Heart Support: Promote bone health and heart well-being with our nutrient-rich pumpkin seeds, helping reduce blood pressure and boost good cholesterol.
  6. Premium Packaging: Our Pumpkin Seeds are packaged in food-grade PET Bottles, sealed with aluminum foil to ensure freshness is intact when it reaches you. Quality and freshness guaranteed.

Premium Pumpkin Seeds

PriceFrom ₹180.00
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  •  Poddar Farms

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