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  • WIDE USAGE: The clips are used as stem support clips or ties for trellising purpose. These Plant Support clips are used for hanging plants like cucumber, capsicum & tomato in poly houses. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high. They are to be fixed at the Y junction of the plant branch. At this point, the clips can hold the plant well. It is very easy to fix to the plants. Now you can grow the creeper plants easily with the Plant Support Clips. These clips are an effective way to support plants climb up and grow uprightly.
  • IDEAL: The inner diameter is 23 mm which is ideal for most plant stem and vines like tomato, pepper, cucumber, squash, rose, orchid etc
  • REUSABLE & WASHABLE: These clips can be easily washed and reused
  • PREMIUM QUALITY- They are made from high grade plastic which is hardly affected by adverse weather. They are durable and long lasting which do not rot, age, discolour easily

Plant Support Clips

PriceFrom ₹80.00
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  •  Poddar Farms

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