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Paan Badam- These almonds aren't just almonds—they're a burst of freshness. We take the finest almonds, coat them with the timeless essence of paan and a hint of sugar to create a mouth-freshener like no other.


Key Features- 


  1. Premium Almonds: Our Paan Badam is crafted using the choicest almonds, ensuring a crunchy texture and the inherent richness of high-quality nuts.
  2. Paan Flavored Coating: Immerse your senses in the aromatic blend of paan, as each almond is delicately coated to perfection, creating a flavor profile that's both traditional and innovative.
  3. Sugar-Kissed Freshness: The addition of just the right amount of sugar enhances the overall taste, providing a sweet and refreshing burst with every bite.
  4. Perfect Post-Meal Indulgence: Elevate your post-meal routine by savoring one or two almonds, infusing your palate with a burst of freshness that complements your health-conscious lifestyle.
  5. Health Meets Tradition: Paan Badam not only delights your taste buds but also serves as a healthy alternative to traditional mouth-fresheners, combining the goodness of almonds with the classic paan flavor.
  6. Crafted with Precision: Each almond undergoes a meticulous coating process, ensuring an even distribution of paan flavor and sugar, delivering a consistent and enjoyable experience.

Paan Badam | Paan Flavoured Almonds

PriceFrom ₹240.00
Taxes Included |
  • Almonds, paan flavour and sugar

  • Available in 200g and 1Kg packing

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