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Mexican Bites – the perfect mid-meal indulgence designed for days when you crave a munch without compromise. Crafted from a blend of corn, rice, oats, and jowar puffs, this delightful roasted mixture is a flavor-packed delight. The unique Mexican masala mix adds an edgy twist that caters to every taste bud.


Key Features:


  • Diverse Grain Blend: Expertly crafted from a blend of corn, rice, oats, and jowar puffs for a diverse and satisfying snacking experience.

  • Irresistible Roasted Mixture: Delightful roasted mixture that is sure to captivate your taste buds with every bite.

  • Unique Mexican Masala Mix: Our secret Mexican masala mix adds an edginess to the flavor profile, making it a uniquely appealing snack.

  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal to enjoy with tea, coffee, or any beverage of your choice, enhancing your snacking experience.

  • Consciously Curated for Busy Lifestyles: Specifically designed for individuals with long working hours, offering a healthier alternative to traditional snacking options.

  • No Compromise on Taste: Mexican Bites revolutionize the healthy snacking space, providing a tasty option for those seeking a break from mundane choices.

  • Premium Packaging: Our Mexican Bites are packaged in food-grade PET Bottles, sealed with aluminum foil to ensure freshness is intact when it reaches you. Quality and freshness guaranteed.

Mexican Bites | Baked | Healthy Snack

PriceFrom ₹110.00
Taxes Included |
  • Jowar puffs, Oats Puffs, Rice Puffs, Corn Puffs, Corn Rings, Spices

  • Available in 100g and 500g packing

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