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Poddar Farms' Masala Kaju—a sensory delight that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Crafted from the finest quality cashews, these gourmet cashew nuts are infused with a captivating blend of aromatic spices, creating a flavor symphony that captivates your taste buds.


Key Features:


  1. Premium Quality Cashews: Sourced from the best, our Masala Kaju ensures a rich, creamy texture and impeccable taste.
  2. Spicy Flavor Infusion: Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of premium cashews with a tantalizing blend of aromatic spices, creating a flavor profile that's both bold and irresistible.
  3. Versatile Snacking: Whether paired with your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or enjoyed on their own, these Masala Kaju fit seamlessly into any snacking occasion.
  4. Perfect for Celebrations: No celebration is complete without the indulgence of cashews, and our Masala Kaju adds a spicy twist that elevates every festive moment.
  5. Gourmet Sensation: Experience the luxury of gourmet snacking with each bite, as our Masala Kaju brings together premium quality and expertly curated spices.
  6. Meticulously Crafted: Every batch is meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect balance of spice and richness, providing an unforgettable snacking experience.


Masala Kaju | Healthy snacking | Dry Roasted | Flavoured Cashews

PriceFrom ₹235.00
Taxes Included |
  • Cashews, Spice Mix, Edible Oil

  • Available in 150g and 1 Kg packing

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