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  • DURABLE: Spherical clay ball growing media for improved aeration, these clay balls are strong, sturdy and retain their shape, allowing continuous oxygen near the root zone. This helps the plant to grow healthy.
  • pH NEUTRAL: The hydrotons are pH neutral, highly stable in both varying pH & EC. This provides a safe and healthy environment for plant to grow safe & healthy.
  • WATER RETENTION & DRAINAGE - This material is filled with tiny pores, much like a 'micro sponge'. Because of this, it holds the perfect amount of water and drains any excess to prevent overwatering.
  • IDEAL: These clay hydrotons do not leave any residue and are best for Dutch bucket & NFT hydroponic setups, as they do not block any NFT channel or system.
  • STERILE - It is produced in large rolling kilns that 'bake' it into its final shape. Since high temperatures are used, hydroton comes to the gardener as a sterile product. This is highly beneficial because you don't want to introduce disease and harmful bacteria into your garden

Leca Balls | Hydrotons

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